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No Sleep Club

Situated along the bustling Keong Saik Road, known as the mecca for local and international eats, as well as trendiest bars in town - No Sleep Club is set up as a coffee establishment by day, and a bespoke cocktail joint by night.

Helmed by Juan Yi Jun and Hutch, the couple behind some of Asia's best bar, are wild harvesting and crafting finest spirits with care and precision, pushing the ingredients to their limit

Walking in into the cosy space, It is welcoming and lived-in, like it has been the local for years. One is transported to almost a den designed for Jean-Michel Basquiat, walls have been stripped back and we created a worn, aged look, with textured finish adding to the comfortably shabby feel of the place. Treated raw metal and natural cork wall-covering subsequently introduced to the space to add some warmth into space. No Sleep Club also subtly pays homage to the street scene of Keong Saik Road in the past and in the present.

Completed 2019.

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